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Friday, July 22, 2011

SQL*Plus Output -> HTML

*I saw this on Uwe Hesse's blog, and it was too cool not to keep a copy where I knew I could find it again.  The only thing I added to his script was the 'Start' in front of 'Firefox' that's needed by Windows (and the comment about removing the 'l').

set termout off

set markup HTML ON HEAD " -
" -
BODY " " -
TABLE "border='1' align='center' summary='Script output'" -

spool myoutput.html

-- if you want your query to display in firefox, uncomment the 'l' below.

spool off
set markup html off spool off
host start firefox myoutput.html
set termout on

Run your query in SQL+.

conn hr/hr
set linesize 2000 pagesize 60 feedback off

Select *
  From Employees
 Where Job_Id = 'SH_CLERK'
 Order by Last_Name;
Hmm.. this is a bit too much for the screen.  You can either start formatting with 'Column' or run HTML.SQL.
Beautiful! Thanks Uwe Hesse and Tanel Poder.

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