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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where: How to Search for Various Conditions

This query presents the operator with a choice of how to find data. After selecting a search field, and entering a value, a decode is used to generate SQL code. The New_Value clause sets that equal to &xWhere, and it is used with the 'Where' clause.

(I have tried incorporating it directly into the Where with no luck.)
Prompt +------------------------------------------+
Accept Choice Prompt '| Search by 1-EmpNo 2-EName : '
Accept Value Prompt '| Please enter Value : '
Prompt +------------------------------------------+

Set Term Off
Column WhereClause New_Value xWhere
Select Decode(&Choice, 1, 'EmpNo=&Value',
2, 'EName='||Upper('''&Value''')
From Dual;
Set Term On

Select EmpNo, EName, Job, HireDate, DeptNo
From Emp
Where &xWhere;

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