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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to Start and Stop Oracle Services on the PC

Select 'Start' in Windows
  • Control Panel
  • Administrative Tools
  • Services
Find the name of the Oracle services and create two batch files.

net start OracleDBConsoleorcl10
net start OracleOraDb10g_home1TNSListener
net start OracleServiceORCL10

net stop OracleDBConsoleorcl10
net stop OracleOraDb10g_home1TNSListener
net stop OracleServiceORCL10

OracleServiceSID = (the Oracle Database instance)
OracleORACLE_HOMETNSListener = (the listener)
OracleDBConsoleSID = (Enterprise Manager)

SID : the system identifier for the instance : orcl10
ORACLE_HOME: the Oracle home. : OraDb10g_home1

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