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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


contains the data dictionary

contains additional tables and views that store administrative information

Sample Schemas
The names are in alphabetical order, and specifies the order of creation.

HR - Human Resources
  • basic topics
  • an extension supports Oracle Internet Directory

OE - Order Entry
  • HR must be installed and you have the password to it
  • intermediate topics
  • multitude of datatypes
  • Oracle Spatial be installed
OC - Online Catalog (sub-schema)
  • object-relational examples

PM - Product Media
  • for multimedia datatypes
  • foreign keys to OE
  • database must be enabled for JVM and interMedia

IX - Information Exchange
  • shows advanced queuing
  • based on order entry data in OE

SH - Sales History
  • large amount of data
  • analytic processing
  • logically depends on the OE schema
  • requires the partitioning option

EXAMPLE Tablespace:
First create the tablespace that will hold all of the schema's segments.
Create Tablespace "EXAMPLE"
Logging Datafile '___________/example01.dbf' Size 50m Reuse
Autoextend On Next 50m Maxsize 1000m
Extent Management Local
Segment Space Management Auto;

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